Mr. Telgenbuescher

Co-Founder FineBit® Project

Mr. Telgenbuescher

How can i help you?


Mr. Telgenbuescher

Co-Founder of FineBit® Project!

Mr. Telgenbuescher

How can i help you?


FineBit Project

Home of the official FineBit Token®

FineBit Token® is the new digital gold

It’s a secure way to save and hold tokenized gold in your wallet easy to use, and very safe. We have a mission to transform the world of finance through decentralization. Real value = real money = FineBit Token®

  • Easier and faster transactions with no additional fees

  • One-on-one exchanges online without complications

  • Potential strong price increase

  • Protection against hyperinflation

  • Registered trademark.

Uncover new ways of investing!

FineBit®  Project videos from our video library.

Invest in the future of finance today!

Be one of the investors of one of the most reliable cryptocurrency projects! Invest smartly!

  • Buy, sell and store FineBit Token® on different Exchanges!

  • Exchange your Token in physical gold. Start Q 2 /2023.

  • Go to our KYC process - click "Forms" Button below.


Let the professionalism leads you to the highest top of your goals.

When can i exchange my Token in physical gold?
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We plan in quarter 2 /2023 that every FineBit Token® holder can exchange their tokens for physical gold. 

Do you have any partnership program?
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Please feel free and contact our Support Team if you want a Partnership with us!

Do you send your physical gold worldwide?
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Yes! The transport costs (worldwide) and import duties of the respective country must be paid by the exchanger.  

How can I contact you?
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Email: [email protected]                                                              Phone: +255 689 071 847 Head Office

What are your support hours?
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We are available 24/7. So, you can contact us at any time. Office Time from 10pm - 17pm.

How can I exchange FineBit Token® to physical gold?
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First you need to process our KYC (ID-Card, Passport, Selfie) then you must transfer your FineBit Token® back to our given wallet. The calculated transport costs must be paid in advance. We only send insured security transport. After we have checked everything, we will send you the equivalent in physical gold.

The FineBit® Team

Meet our small yet professional team!

Baraka Saul Amon

Crypto Specialist

Office Tanzania

Roadmap 2021/22

Every company has its own establishment story. We are happy and proud of our failures and successes which marked our correct path.

The FineBit® Project Idea was born!

FineBit® backed-secure decentralized Token Idea was born. FineBit® is a bridge between the crypto world and real goods gold.

Further Steps...

Finebit® Website and Token development. Initiate marketing measures. Patent registration Finebit Token®. Application for IDO investor protection 20.5 million USD.

Marketing Campaign.

Starting In- and outbound social marketing (Twitter/Facebook and so on) Parts of the IDO funds are invested in global marketing to make the FineBit Token® even better known.

Starting Token Sale IDO.

Open the Token Sale for all Investors, who wants to participate into the success of FineBit® Worldwide. FineBit® Token Sale is Protected during the IDO with 20.5 million USD against Scam.

After Crowdsale.

Plan and implement for listing on the Exchanges Hotbit, Binance, 1Inch, Pancakeswap. Re-Invest in our Token on the Exchanges

Expansion of Production.

After Crowdsale expanding of Gold Production in our Gold Mines and expansion of new markets worldwide.

Increasing our gold production

We will increase our gold production so that every FineBit® is backed with gold. This process will take some time..

Selling our FineBit® physical gold coin.

The sale of our physical FineBit® gold coins with our own embossing is being forced. Limited number of pieces.

FineBit® Gold Mine in Tanzania!

It's a hard way from gold rock to nugget or gold bar.


To safely store, buy, sell and trade Finebit Token® you will need an Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 supported cryptocurency wallet. Finebit Token® (token symbol - FBT) is an Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 token and is thus compatible with all Binance Smart Chain supported wallets. We recommend the following wallets that support the BEP-20 standard:

Company News!

Follow the latest news to catch up with the ever-evolving world of FineBit Token®.

The Investment Potential of 2022. Why FineBit® is going to be the next big crypto thing.

The rapid growth of the crypto trade shows that traditional finance and crypto do not have to be opposites. The combination of the simplicity and ease of use of traditional banking and the appeal of the crypto market could be the formula that helps crypto find a way into everyday life. FineBit Token® is paving the way to simplify this transition. The gold market (gold-backed crypto token) is combined in the project's digital money solution. Every FineBit Token® has its equivalent (worth) in physical gold from our gold mines.   FineBit® can be a bridge between the crypto world and real goods (gold) for investors who invest in our Crypto Coin. FineBit® gold-backed decentralized Token. FineBit Token® is a registered Trademark (registered in Germany). Enter the crypto sector with FineBit® and become part of the fintech revolution.

Welcome to the future of money! FineBit Token®

FineBit®  is bringing gold back to the digital era of payments. FineBit Token® provides everyone access to a sustainable, globally viable currency. Send cents worth of gold around the world, instantly.                                                                                                        Making Gold as easy as Money. FineBit is in the tokenization business, where gold is just the beginning. The technology behind FineBit is very versatile allowing us to expand and incorporate other commodities in the future.                                                                                                                                          Every FineBit Token® has its equivalent in physical gold. Tokenizing the world!  

FineBit® Gold Mine in Tanzania!

Our official FineBit® gold mine (8ha) can be checked on official goverment site: Search code: PL/17820/2021   Every investor is invited to Tanzania to have a look at our FineBit® gold mine and our work. Only transparency create trust. Any questions?  [email protected]

Contact us

[email protected] 


BTC CHANGE INVEST LTD. Gold Mining Company Kivulini Plaza Block J House NO 385 Mwaikibaki Road Mbezi Beach Kwazena

Office in Tanzania Germany/Spain

Office Time UTC +3

Open: 10:00 pm

Closed: 17:00 pm


Head Office Tanzania

+255 689 071 847